A merger of artistic crafts

It all started with a droplet. Here its ink, there its water, here its black, there its crystal clear. Fluid and round like a fingerprint marked on time. The droplet has inspired exceptional pieces within the limits of art and of technical expertise. Some are fine writing instruments, others are decorative objects. The droplets form an invisible link between two companies that share a passion for beauty and for excellence.

LALIQUE and Caran dAche have built their reputations on the basis of expertise handed down over the generations. As independent manufacturers, born at the start of the 20th century, they have always given their craftsmen a pledge of total creative freedom, constantly renewed. Their meeting brings together two vibrant heritages that are engraved on the collective memory.

Their two histories are characterized by a respect for tradition and a love of daring innovation, driven by a commitment to quality and precision. In their workshops, craftsmen combine the discipline of their art with the intuition of their talent and this marriage of writing and crystal has given birth to the Crystal collection, a limited edition of writing instruments resplendent in LALIQUE.

Ever since it was founded in 1915, Caran dAche has drawn on its invaluable heritage of craftsmanship to preserve the art of handwriting. In the long tradition of Swiss manufacturing, it designs and produces exceptional products in Geneva with passion and rigour. Recognized around the world for their Swiss Made excellence, Caran dAche writing instruments are a bold combination of expertise and aesthetics. These highly personal objects are outstanding technical achievements of perfected design in original materials, ready to write each new page with refinement and distinction.


Its dark body in black ceramic is embellished with the motif so closely associated with LALIQUE. The droplets are applied in relief on the pen as if to punctuate its lines. A LALIQUE crystal cabochon sits atop the pen making a striking contrast between the satin-brushed and polished finishes. This large drop of crystal is set in a fine metal surround that adds a motif with an incomparable sparkle. This highly delicate technique, carried out by hand with a special tool, subtly perfects the appearance of the pen.


The light and the material complement each other beautifully. The anatomy of the pen emerges from the droplets regularly positioned on the white ceramic body. The pattern slowly emerges in the fingers. The rhodium-coated silver trim is reflected in the LALIQUE crystal cabochon set within a ring that seems to seize the light.

A diamond solitaire on the clip acts as a majestic seal to the pens natural elegance.

CRYSTAL & Diamonds

The Crystal & Diamonds edition brings together noble and precious materials in an alliance of light and shade. The gold cap is coated in ruthenium with deep black reflections that complement the body carved in white gold.

The droplets spread over the instrument in a cascade of precious stones: some 341 diamonds weighing almost 3 carats bring their stunning purity to the motif. They have been chosen from the most beautiful gems of Top Wesselton WS quality and their sparking prisms flood the pen in an aura of fascinating reflections. The lighting effect is complete with the beauty of the satin-brushed crystal cabochon and ring.

A limited edition of 18 fountain pens.


The black sycamore box is beautifully lacquered to reveal its full magnificence. Numerous coats of lacquer and several polishing stages are required to achieve the brilliant finish that protects and enhances the beauty of the wood. LALIQUE crystal cabochons positioned on the box create the Coutard motif.

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