PORTS 1961 F/W - Global Soul, Urban Spirit

Is only spring time but is about time preview Fall/Winter collection. PORTS 1961, founded in Canada in 1961. Now to be important and one of the most popular luxury brands to China, including Hong Kong. Talking about The Fall and Winter collection, The season's colour palette is exact, stark and graphic with black, white and grey taupe. Military coats, flared trousers and pencil lorgnettes offer strong yet smooth silhouettes counter-balanced by fluid draped tops and organic pleats in blouses and skirts. The playful kilt-skrit, richly textured and sculptural, steps forward as the season's lead protagonist. The details also tell a story of bold taste and tailoring with refined cuffs, over-front peplums and exquisitely - worked necklines. 

We love the Men's collection so much! Classic tailoring fabrics are engineered in pure, clean and sporty shapes in deep blue, Scots grey, mahogany and black. Classic English tweeds and flannels are bonded in boxy archetypical  shapes. Fiona Cibani and Ian Hylton look to re-boot British heritage for their Ports 1961 F/W collection. A tribute to Edwardian England, this re-incarnation is characterized by pin-sharp modernism and nonchalance elegance. Its King Edward VIII meets avant-garde British artist, Anthony McCall, for a smart-urban look.