Milan 2014 - Tolix T4 Chair and N pedestal table

The art of Tolix? Producing robust furniture using very thin sheet metal with no thick parts to make the design heavy. This is achieved by clever shapes playing with folds, lips and recesses, all of which help to make it rigid. The new T14 chair, which stands proudly beside the Tolix furniture flagship model, the A chair, is the perfect illustration of this technical prowess. Welds have been reduced to a minimum in this lightweight chair, thus limiting the risks of corrosion, in order to satisfy the constraints of today's outside furniture.

With the T14, which is also available with a wooden base, Tolix has managed to revitalise its business by innovating without compromise its original DNA: metal furniture that is robust, easy to handle and elegant both indoors and out, made in France and sustained by a long tradition of craftsmen.

Pedestal table N illustrates the Tolix taste for clear, functional models in tune with their surroundings. It can be matched with all the chairs and has been designed above all to evolve with the new T14 chair. It therefore offers a set of matching Tolix furniture for terraces all over the world.