JLL celebrates first summer harvest of its Urban Farm

Expanding urban farming project by teaming up with Feeding Hong Kong and naming Cara G as project ambassador

JLL celebrated the first summer harvest of its Urban Farm, together with social enterprise and NGO partners and celebrity model, Cara G, the ambassador of the urban farming project. First launched in March, the Urban Farm is situated in the heart of Central, on the roof of the Bank of America Tower. The aim of initiating organic urban farming in a crowded city like Hong Kong is to raise awareness about the potential to make Hong Kong a more liveable, healthy and sustainable city.

By teaming up with Feeding Hong Kong, the first food bank in Hong Kong, alongside social enterprise partners Time to Grow and Sowers Exchange, JLL’s urban farming project is on track for further expansion. In addition, celebrity model and environmental enthusiast, Cara G attended as the ambassador of JLL’s Urban Farm, helping to promote the project’s core values, including sustainable living and green environments.

William Lai, Head of Property Management at JLL, Hong Kong, said: “We are very excited to celebrate the first summer harvest of JLL’s Urban Farm today. With the dedicated team effort from our staff and continuous support from our NGO partners, we believe the urban farming project will continue to grow, with more people realising the importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle.”

Gabrielle Kirstein, Executive Director at Feeding Hong Kong, said: “We are grateful to partner with JLL to bring organic urban farming to the city. JLL and Feeding Hong Kong share common values on green initiatives, which include promoting healthy eating and sustainable living to the local community. We are thrilled to see the good quality of the organic vegetables harvested from the farm, and we are eager to provide more support for the project down the road.”

Celebrity ambassador and environmental enthusiast Cara G also shared her tips and the value of living a healthy and green life on the harvest day: “I feel very honoured to become the ambassador of JLL’s urban farming project. It's great to see a compassionate company like JLL that takes a lead on educating the community on sustainable living. The farm also provides a great venue for children, like my kid, to get to learn about organic food and urban farming. I look forward to taking on the role of promoting a green and healthy lifestyle among the communities here.”

The summer harvest crops from the 1,350 sqft farm include Yin Choy (amaranth greens), Ong Choy (aka Tong Choy or Water Spinach) and Green Onion.