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Jax Coco, a Hong Kong based lifestyle brand famous of its coconut products has grown dramatically and become a global brand in recent years. Founded by four coconut water enthusiasts, the company aims to produce a pure, natural, healthy and refreshing product that can serve as a positive alternative to water and those unhealthy sugary artificial beverages. With abundant supply and usage of coconut in Southeast Asia, they produce the world’s first pure coconut water to be packaged in stylish glass bottles designed by Alasdhair Willis for consumers, including pregnant women and babies who start to consume solid food.

With the outstanding quality and functions, Guerlain Spa in Waldorf New York, one of the world’s foremost grand hotels, has featured Jax Coco EVCCO for a spa treatment with mask and scalp massage. It will exfoliate, clarify, and rejuvenate dead skin while stimulating circulation and detoxification. The soothing effect of the oil helps in removing stress, and leaves the skin silky smooth, toned and moisturized. Last but not least, a complementary Jax Coco Coconut Water will be served to drink, to bring one more level of refreshment and complete the feeling of rejuvenation.

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