MADURA - Hong Kong First Haute Couture Home Décor Maison

Madura, an elegant French home decor brand, bringing the best of French style and quality to Hong Kong’s homes, Madura is the first French home decor brand to open a Maison in Asia. The flagship Madura Maison is now located in Central, while the Madura Boutique Showroom opened in Sheung Wan. 

Madura is perfectly poised to serve Hong Kong’s design professionals and everyday fashion enthusiasts, creating haute couture homes with collections that are original, classic, and contemporary. The 2014 Collection includes five design stories: Cruise Collection, Nature Collection, Copper Collection, Pastel Collection, and the Bright Collection. Each collection meets any and all requirements by accessorising fabrics of curtains and cushions with a wide range of lights, blinds and homewares. Madura’s highly creative collections of fabrics, curtains, cushions, lights, blinds and home wares will be perfectly complimented by its ongoing Asian co-branded collaboration series.

The team at Madura will constantly work to identify Asian brands that align with their philosophy: Ensuring each customer is provided a canvas to express their unique style, and in turn each home should be afforded its own character. Brands invited to collaborate will also share Madura’s passion for detail and a single-minded understanding that it’s the little things that make a big difference.

The first collaborations celebrate the Hong Kong launch, and support Hong Kong designers. For these launch collaborations, Madura has partnered with local designer Cecilia Ma (Cecilia Ma Couture), renowned interior decorator YC Chen (hoo design), as well as Hong Kong’s hottest young fashion bloggers Zoe Chan and Elle Lee. Madura will work with YC Chen to redesign the home offices of Zoe and Elle, creating one-of-a-kind haute couture “home office”.

Inspired by Hong Kong’s dynamic design community, Madura is committed to providing ongoing collaboration opportunities for Hong Kong-based fashion and interior designers, as well as other like-minded brands. The next innovative collaboration is already underway with, Esther Poon, Hong Kong’s phenomenal and much-loved knitting street artist. 

For more information, please visit:

Madura Maison

33 Wellington Street, Central 

Madura Boutique Showroom

28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan