What is Secret Ingredient?

Secret Ingredient is the premium grocery delivery in Hong Kong

Here’s a secret: Secret Ingredient! Secret Ingredient is Hong Kong’s premier ready-to-cook delivery service. They do all the shopping, chopping & portioning so that you can take their fresh ingredients and turn them into a gourmet meal instantly! Here's how it's work:

  1. Choose a recipe from secret ingredient meal collection online
  2. They will deliver fresh ingredients to you (office or home!)
  3. All ingredients are pre-chopped and measured, even include the extra virgin oil!
  4. Follow the step-by-step instructions
  5. A gourmet meal made by you, in 30 minutes or less!
  6. You can order before 5pm for same day delivery, 7 days a week 


  • They use biodegradable packaging made from corn starch.
  • All ingredients are chopped and prepared the SAME day for freshness.
  • They deliver to offices and ensure all ingredients are packaged to stay fresh for up to four hours!
  • They change their recipes every 2 weeks
  • They order from the most trusted suppliers and our meats are imported from Australia

Also when you order your secret ingredient, it come with a recipe card! All you need to do is simply follow step by step and you can be a gourmet chef! No cooking experience necessary!! 

Here is the example recipe card! Everything is simple and easy without any hesitation! and  Also, We are letting you in on a little secret - Exclusive to merci readers. Secret Ingredient offer 10% discount on the Roasted Aussie Lamb dinner pack. Enter code "merci" with your order. Bon appetite! 

** The code is active and will last until September 30th 2014 !


sample recipe card