Perfect eco-chic pieces to make prefects of us!

Amazing character & unique style items for your home and home office

From Left to right:  "Fendy" writing desk and desk rack/ "Ferum" foldable work desk with chair/ TREE vintage desk + armchair/TREE oak sophisticated bar stool/TREE oak sophisticated lounge chai/TREE sophisticated multi rack oak

With hard work always on the horizon for busy Hong Kong-ers, TREE introduces a stunning new range of eco-chic collections to ensure that we study in style. From handcrafted desks to cutting-edge storage solutions and quirky accessories, TREE’s timeless pieces will transform your interiors. Working and studying has never been so chic! 

Super hardwearing, this beautiful European oak wood boasts a distinctive long and straight grain and ranges from creamy white in colour to subtle darker tones. Low maintenance and long lasting, TREE’s oak pieces are a beautiful, lighter alternative to the signature eco teak.

Sustainably sourced from well-managed forests in Europe, each piece is as impressive and majestic as the mighty Oak tree from which it came! Transform your home office with TREE’s fresh and sophisticated Oak collection, which features clean, simple lines and allows the natural beauty of the wood to speak for itself.

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