New Air on Wine - The most elegant sparkling wine from Italy

From Left to Right: Bellavista Alma Cuvée Brut NV/ Bellavista Brut 2008/ Bellavista Pas Operé 2007/ Bellavista Rosé 2008  

New Air on Wine by Bellavista Franciacorta is the most elegant sparkling wine from Italy, Bellavista remains faithful to the wine making and grape growing philosophy that is a trademark of their wines and style, while changing their outlook to reflect their identity within the bottle. 

A New Air because the energy that surrounds Bellavista is a life-enhancing concept, a forward-looking spirit that we have always nurtured,” explains Francesca Moretti, CEO of Bellavista. The new look branding expresses beauty, pleasure, energy and lightness – the notes that personify this fine sparkling wine in a glass and on the palate. 

Each cuvée is depicted by a visual that symbolises its unique personality. Represented by origami butterflies, the Bellavista Alma Cuvée Brut is known for its craftsmanship of blending 60 harvest selections while paying tender homage to the roots of Franciacorta; The Bellavista Brut, represented by deep roots, has a beautiful energy that is enhanced by the passing of time; the complex yet pure Bellavista Pas Operé applies blue skies and clouds inspired by René Magritte to inspire imagination, evoking the mystery and complexities of the classic Franciacorta; while Bellavista Rosé, which embodies the charm of a proud structure with tone and stability, is associated with a glamourous feminine painting inspired by Gustav Klimt to express its grace.

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