Experience the exquisiteness and luxuries of Switzerland

The weather is getting chilly and reminds us the event was organized by Parfumerie Trésor during early October. We discovered the story and philosophy behind Lavinie Switzerland hand cream, experienced the craftsmanship through a leather pouch making workshop with the Hong Kong designer, Ting Ting and enjoyed the canapes and Swiss wine throughout the wonderful afternoon.

Parfumerie Trésor is like a perfume library and housed numerous creative and unique perfumes around the world.  Its owners and staffs are welcome to share the characteristics and story behind of each perfume and you could definitely find the one you love and suits your personality.

Lavinie Switzerland Hand Cream

It is a great time to share this luxury hand cream to all of you – Lavinie Switzerland. The brand is founded by Michel Kuonen who gave up his secure high-paying job and follows his passion to become a true craftsmanship for beauty. One of the major ingredients that make this exclusive hand cream – Edelweiss, is a flower that everyone has heard of in Europe but not many have had the chance to see in person. The edelweiss plant can be found 1,700 to 4,000 meters above sea level in the Alpine glaciers or rocky terrains. In addition, the edelweiss plant produces extremely powerful, natural antioxidants and cell elasticity-enhancing properties which releases an outstanding anti-ageing effect. It is because of this amazing property the essence extracted from the edelweiss is such an important ingredient in the production of the Lavinie hand cream. Besides the rare and valuable ingredients used, another fascinating quality of the Lavinie hand cream is that it is completely hand made in Switzerland. Each bottle of Lavinie hand cream is valuable and namely one the of most luxurious hand care product in the market today.

"TINGTING" design

Ting Ting’s love for unique and exceptional items sparked at a young age; her collection of little things of childhood is where many of her creative ideas are born. The interest of handicrafts is a crucial part of her artistic and creative journey and she continues to indulge in the rebirth of old ideas that are transformed into new creations. These playful designs that captures a marriage of modern design and traditional craftsmanship is what "TINGTING" is all about.

Ting Ting believes great designs need no references or be confined to a trend. Designers should firmly believe in his or her own unique personality and vision, to celebrate their differences and setting themselves apart from the norm. This might sound like a departure from popular views, but Ting Ting’s design philosophy is set firmly in this desire to be extraordinary. 

"TINGTING" ’s first leather collection, KNIT TING is a series of bags knitted out of leather strips. Using high quality lamb leather and metal hardware, the designer knits her way to fulfilling her dream. Designing with her friends in mind, the bags are a reflection of the many facets of the metropolitan woman. She is independent, chic and elegant, but can also be tender, and reserved. Each of their personalities, much like these bags, is one-of-a-kind.

For more details about each brand:

Parfumerie Trésor: http://www.facebook.com/parfumerietresor

Lavinie Switzerland: http://www.lavinie.com/

TINGTING: http://www.tingting.design/