Celebrating 200 years of Royal Doulton with unique and limited edition artist collaborations

Welcome Michael Doulton to Hong Kong for celebrating Royal Doulton’s 200th Anniversary. He is the sixth generation descendant of John Doulton who founded the Royal Doulton Company in 1815. Since 1815, Royal Doulton has pushed the boundaries of design, staying ahead of trends to create products with a perfect balance of design and function. To mark its bicentenary, the iconic British brand is proudly introducing the Royal Doulton 200 Year Collection; a true celebration of its 200 years, containing six new collections that bring together influences from urban street art to historical British events. The celebration of 200 years is not only a reflection of the brand’s rich heritage but also a look towards the future, at how long established brands can develop with the times.

Those limited and valuable collections are including Street Art Collection, Charley Uzzell Edwards – “Pure Evil Bunny”, Nick Walker – Walker’s artworks printed on plates and mugs; Tableware & Interiors, Charlene Mullen – “London Calling”, Barber Osgerby - "The Vase" and 1815 with a new "1815-2015" mark ;  Prestige Collections, Chris Jackson and Tom Mason “The Lion’s Mound” and much more. 

For details: https://www.royaldoulton.com/