Celebrate! 2015 Furniture Design Competition Finalist

Building on the success of SHOP! 2014 and EAT! 2015, the RIBA Hong Kong Chapter, in partnership with HoneD and Merci magazine, launched a furniture design competition as part of CELEBRATE! 2015 earlier this year. The initiative offers the participating furniture manufacturer the chance to benefit from the unique design skills of architects and designers to experiment with their creativity. Architects and designers will also gain the opportunity to work on a direct commission with the furniture manufacturer to develop and translate the design into prototype to showcase their design to a wide range of quality design, art and lifestyle exhibitions.

Architects and designers (individuals and teams) across Hong Kong and Asia Pacific were submitted their designs of a piece of furniture in competition. Three of these designs were selected by a panel of international judges to have the prototype of their crea­tion manufactured. These three prototypes, together with a high recommendation prize for design had been unveiled at the culminating event - RIBA Hong Kong Chapter CELEBRATE! 2015 which hosted on 10th December, 2015. An overall winner, selected on the night by a panel of international judges, and a popular vote winner were selected by attending guests on the night has been announced.


Three of these designs were selected by a panel of international judges to have the prototype of their crea­tion manufactured. They are Step Stools designed by Tony Leung, Connect Chair by Vicky Poon and Shair by Salim Rumjahn. Also Yuan Chair were selected and won the High commendation for Design. 

ABOUT STEP STOOLS | Designed by Tony Leung


Step stools 120' echoes the folding stools commonly found in Hong Kong, build of plywood on a pivoting steel frame, the simple design offers multiple configurations such as step stools, side tables or furniture for kids. Wood type and paint finishes can be selected to match different decors.

Function: Coffee table | Kids's furniture | Stepstools

CONNECT CHAIR | Designed by Vicky Poon

Connect Chair Concept

The design concept of “Connect Chair” is to encourage the interaction between people. In Hong Kong, people usually keep their distance between each other and seldom speak with new faces in supposedly “social” activities such as lesson, seminar, workshop, etc. This inspired me to explore the idea to design a piece of furniture which can be transformed to different circumstances: single seat, double seats or multi-seats that would conveniently enable participants get closer to each other to strike up conversations in a relaxed manner. The chair shape design is like a piece from a jigsaw puzzle that not only expresses the meaning of connection between people, but also allows people to have fun in their interaction of joining their seats with each other.

FUNCTION:  Single for one | Double seats for two | Two or more of these chairs can join with each other to form an extended social area

SHAIR - Designed by Salim Rumjahn

Shair Concept

“Shair” concept came from my children who have unlimited energy and curiosity to climb up chairs to reach higher position at home, for example: open refrigerator, closet and bookshelf. To fulfill their needs of them, I integrate Chair and Stair and came up with my design, “Shair”.

FUNCTION: Escalate | Seat

On December 10, 2015. CELEBRATE! 2015 Christmas party were held at JLL  in conjunction with announcement of the winners of the creative design competition. The designers of Yuan Chair received a High Commendation Award for Design. After voting by the panel of judges included Dr. Edmund Lee (HKDC), David Littler and Dan Rusu also our audience on the night,

Stepstools won the Judges Prize while Connect Chair won the Popular Vote Prize. 

Gold & Venue Sponsor: JLL


Sponsors: Jax Coco | Pinecone Creations

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