Bespoke Experience! Personalised Bags and Accessories tailor-made to a client’s unique specifications by Timothy Oulton

Passionately committed to handcrafting daring yet authentic experiences with character and soul, Timothy Oulton introduces its exclusive Bespoke experience. A selection of the brand’s most classic bags can be tailor-made to a client’s unique specifications, for a bag as individual as they are. The Bespoke experience is now available at Timothy Oulton’s magical Hong Kong Gough Street gallery.

The word bespoke literally means "made to a client’s specifications", or more precisely "as spoken by the client". To order something bespoke is both an expression of self-confidence and an indication that you have a personal connection with the maker of the pieces you seek. Tim Oulton explains: “It’s about creating something extraordinary together. Your bag will almost become a part of you when you wear it, because it’s a reflection of who you are.“
Each bag can be customized with Timothy Oulton’s famous leathers, sourced from Argentina and Brazil, which all carry the unique feel of quality hand-finished aniline leather. Colours and finishes are inspired by Tim's personal collection of authentic vintage pieces, including Bikers jackets and old leather suitcases.

Linings can be personalized from the plain to the quirky. The hand-stitched Union Jack is a nod to the brand’s British heritage while Oxford Stripes is inspired by the colourful borders in English country gardens. The classic Dicky Ticking design was traditionally used in 19th century English suitcases while the 1908 Tug of War Team lining was built up from an original old photograph. All of the patterns tell their own story.

Different gauges of stitching change the personality of a piece; heavier gauge stitching lends a more rugged feel, while finer gauges exude quality and polish. Those subtle details like the zipper fabric and the hardware are all little pieces of character that come together to create that individual piece. The personalized monogram is the final touch that gives the bag your unique stamp and -one else.
The dedicated Bespoke area at Gough Street gallery is a magical place designed to inspire and awaken creativity. Choose from the rows of coloured yarns that fill the shelves, touch the fabrics between your fingers and breathe in the smell of vintage leathers. Sewing machines sit ready for action and drawers open to reveal haberdashery and the brand is committed to keeping this time-honoured craft alive in the most authentic way possible.

Craftsmanship Ambassador | Bryan Cheng.

Craftsmanship Ambassador | Bryan Cheng.

To offer clients a more premium level of service, Timothy Oulton has appointed a dedicated Craftsmanship Ambassador; Bryan Cheng, who personally looks after each Bespoke request. Clients are invited to the gallery to sit down with Bryan and discuss their individual needs in depth. Working closely with Timothy Oulton’s master craftsmen, Bryan is fully conversant with the intricate process of making a bag from scratch. He is able to offer clients expert advice and discuss different options to ensure they are 100% happy with their chosen preferences.

Timothy Oulton is proud to share a personal connection with its customers, a like-minded passion for embracing life’s adventures and living authentically. The Bespoke experience is about making this connection deeper and embarking on a journey together. It is about refusing to compromise in life and celebrating the confidence to stand up and be yourself.

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