Le French GourMay 2015

Le French GourMay is a part of "Le French May", a comprehensive artistic experience that will engage all five senses of its audience. For the seventh consecutive year, Le French GourMay is dedicated to the promotion of French wine culture and culinary arts in Hong Kong and Macau and has become a popular event supported by French wine and food lovers and adventurous gourmets.  Each year, Le French GourMay honour's a different wine and gastronomy region of France. This year of 2015, Le French GourMay continues to surprise its audience by presenting a new facet of French food and fine wine by celebrating the Midi-Pyrénées, famous for French cuisine, wine and spirits as well as its diversified and amazing nature. 

The  gastronomic  side  of  Le  French  May  presented  by UnionPay and organized by Business France in Hong Kong, and  Macau  that  showcases  the  best  of  French  wines  and  gastronomy  through  a  one  whole  month program. Restaurants, Michelin-starred chefs, as well as wine importers and distributors in Hong Kong and  Macau  advocate  the  festival  by  providing  dedicated  menus  to  match  with  French  wines,  wine tastings, promotions and workshops. As the tradition of Le French GourMay is to present annually one region  of  France  with  its  food  and  wine,  the  festival  in  2015  promotes  the  diversity  and  beauty  of Midi-Pyrénées, the largest region in mainland France.


Talking about wine, do you know with an average of 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, MidiPyrénées is one of France's sunniest regions.  Thus it’s not surprising that Midi-Pyrénées is a  region that boasts a lot of  outstanding  wines  with  the  sunny  weather  and excellent soil boosting the growth, including 5 renowned AOP  (L'appellation  d'origine  protégée):  Cahors,  Gaillac, Madiran, Marcillac and Fronton,  as well as  IGP  (Protected Geographical  Indication)  wines:  Côtes  de  St  Mont,  Côtes de  Brulhois,  Vins  d'Entraygues  et  du  Fel,  Vins  d'Estaing and  Côtes  de  Millau.  Two  of  Midi-Pyrénées’  wine  regions  have  now  qualified  for  ‘Vignobles  & Découvertes’ status: Destination Cahors - Malbec (AOP  Cahors);  and Pays des Bastides et Vignoble du Gaillac  (AOP  Gaillac).  Moreover,  Pyrenean  Foothills  (Piémont  Pyrénéen)  of  southern  France  is  the cradle of many world famous grape varieties. The  signature  spirit  Armagnac  -  the  oldest  wine-based  eau  de  vie produced  in  South  West  France.
This  elegant  spirit  has  rich  aromatic  qualities,  characterized  as  powerful  and  delicate,  warm  and dynamic.  Unlike Cognac, which is distilled  using the conventional 'double heating' method,  Armagnac is made in a special traditional still,  known as the 'alambic  armagnacais'.    Floc de Gascogne is one of their speciality aperitifs for cocktails, a combination of fresh grape juice and young Armagnac.

Enjoying with pleasant weather, sufficient sunshine and nutritious soil, Midi-Pyrénées are well-known for wines with different textures and varieties, especially its signature spirit Armagnac. The region also gives birth to some of the most iconic French delicacies:  Foie gras, Roquefort,  cheeses, meat and cold cuts. The  Consul  General  of  France  in  Hong  Kong  and  Macau,  Mr.  Arnaud  BARTHELEMY,  delivered  and opening  speech  at the  Le  French GourMay  press conference  at  Conrad  Brasserie on the Eighth, with the  honoured  presence  of  Mr.  Patrick  FIAT,  Lieutenant-Captain  of  the  Company of Musketeers  of Armagnac.

For further information please visit: www.frenchgourmay.com