Champagne wine official e-learning tool is launch!

No wine is as versatile as Champagne, whether you are enjoying a relaxed drink with friends or tasting a victory. Birthday, New Year festivities, romantic dinners for two, wedding receptions, where there is something worth celebrating, Champagne is always the first choice. The Champagne appellation is unique but the wines themselves are different everytime. Different vineyards ,different plots and different grape varieties; different vintages, different blends and different raging periods with so many subtle variations in play, there are almost as many wine styles in Champagne as there are Champagne winemakers. The result is an array of wines to suit every taste, every circumstance and every dish.

How to choose champagne? The Champagne labelling (label, back label, neck label) requires the following mandatory information: the world "Champagne";, the level of sweetness (whether brut, sec, demo-sec etc); the percentage of alcohol by volume (%vol); the bottle capacity (l, cl or ml); the brand of Champagne; the name of the producer; the name of the commune where that producer is registered and the country of origin (France) ; the producer's registration code; the batch code; the words "produce of France'; the allergen content; the warning about drinking during pregnancy.

Comité Champagne has recently announced the launch of Champagne educational tool including a mobile App and website. This newly launched “Champagne Campus” e-learning aims to help Champagne lovers to explore the world of Champagne wine. The journey will begin with four short yet carefully-crafted questions which help the visitors to identify the best out of three training programs -Novices, Enthusiasts and lovers. For each program, visitors can go through five sections, “The Region”, “The Vine”, “The Winemaking Process”, “Tasting” and “The AOC” before testing their newly learnt knowledge with “Quiz”. This website distinguishes itself by simplicity and the variety of multimedia, e.g., infographics, charts and animations as well as interactive games.

To further intrigue the consumers in Hong Kong and increase their knowledge of Champagne, Comité Champagne will for the very first time unveil such high-tech and informative education tool at its exclusive networking with Hong Kong media on May 14.

Comité Champagne chooses Hong Kong to introduce its e-learning tool for the geographical significance of Hong Kong, the gateway to China. China is now the fifth largest Champagne market outside the European Union. China has recognized and been protecting the geographical indication Champagne since 2013. Comité Champagne office in Beijing China organizes regular training courses for local wine professionals, such as wine buyers; hotel and restaurant sommeliers; hospitality-school teachers and students; and consultants/instructors in wine distribution, to continue raising the local awareness of the unique Champagne appellation.

About Comité Champagne(CIVC) :

Comité Champagne is the trade association that represents the interests of all growers and houses of the Champagne wine region (France). Its mandate is to promote the vines and wines of Champagne through a broad remit that includes: economic, technical and environmental development; continuous quality improvement; sector management; marketing and communications; and the promotion and protection of the Champagne appellation across the world, with 16 offices in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States.

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