Franc franc X Nika Zupanc Collection 2015

Francfranc has launched its new colourful and lovely collection with the product and interior designer, Nika Zupanc. Her distinctive interpretations always create story-telling products and such her fine and contemporary attitude captivate many people.  This is her first collaboration with Japanese brand. 

Nika envisioned this collection to make home like a “stage” and says “Your home is the stage of your life, and you are the director of your life.” Nika named this collection as Spell Works and she hope these products have a salutary effect on people who live in the “stage” surrounded by these products.

Concept of the collection

“Private furniture, accessories and personal items are important as they build up a private stage, an intimate starting point.  In such a private place, an abundance of positive affirmations is a welcome feast.   Spell Works are envisioned as bursts of happiness on the stage of life.  A life unraveled into a Dolce vita.  In this vision, woman can feel comfortable in the centre, always ready to perfectly navigate her role.

Spell Works objects are bright by nature and spread simple, uplifting vibes.  They sparkle, the qualities of stardust, passing on magic powers to its surroundings.  As their names bear witness to, they are here to turn things around for good.



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