Style It as you want! Nespresso New Pixie Clips

Continually revolutionising the coffee experiences, Nespresso - An innovative machines and cutting-edge designs with a new level by emracing the trend of personalisation through the launch of the new Pixie Clips machine. With a simple clipping system, changing the style of the machine couldn't be easier. An extensive range of interchangeable covers and reinvent your machine to give a new look anytime you want!

How would you style your pixie clips? It could be fun, graphic, techno, authentic, elegant, hi-tech, arty or pop! Stick on, peel off, change your mind, keep experimenting, you will find your perfect pixie clips in the end. Pixie clips comes complete with two pairs of exhangeable clips, a total 12 others pairs of clips will be avialble from or from your local boutique! Choose your preference and style the way you want!

Whatever the look, A pixie clips is still a pixie!

  • Compact - 11 cm to fit anywhere
  • Fast - Heats in just 25-30 seconds so you can savour your Grand Crus in an instant
  • Intuitive - Incredibly easy to use, less descaling required, water level detector, cable storage
  • Energy saving - Automatic power off after 9 minutes not in use, excellent energy consumption profile: 40% more economic than the "A" energy category

The Pixie Clips machine features two programmable cup size butoons to deliver the perfect serving size of an Espresso or Lungo coffee. The foldable drip tray support accommodates difering cups for espresso and milk lovers alike, tray pairing with an Aeroccino to create gourmet milk coffee recipes at home!

*To celebrate the launch of Pixie Clips, from September 7 to October 26, 2015, Nespresso is offering either a complimentary pair of decorative panels upon purchase of a Pixie Clips machine along with 5 sleeves of capsules, or HK$300 discount upon purchase of any Nespresso machine along with 5 sleeves of capsules. 

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