Momojein - Modern Korean Restaurant

“Korean wave” is still spreading across Hong Kong. Many new Korean snack shops, cafés and restaurants are opened every day which is not surprised when a new one is found opened near your home or workplace. Generally, the most popular Korean food in Korean restaurant are: kimchi tofu soup - “Soft Tofu Stew”, noodle with black soybean paste sauce - “Jiajangmyeon”, rice cakes with sweet and spicy sauce - “Tteokbokki”, ginseng chicken soup – “Samgyetang” and so many more. However, the newly opened Korean restaurant may bring to you an unusual Korean cuisine.

Opened in Wan Chai QRE Plaza in early August, Momojein is a modern Korean restaurant - stylish and decent interior design with wooden table and bar top; grey stucco flooring and white wall finish; black steel partition with geometric pattern (same as its logo) at entrance and ceiling which form a leading pathway to the customer towards another private corner of the restaurant. Heading the culinary team is the Korean celebrity Chef Lim Hee Won, who has over 10 years cooking experiences and is crowned one of the top 8 star chefs on CJ television channel’s cooking programme “Oliver Show”. 

Momojein’s menu provides an unparalleled insight into the revolutionized traditional Korean cuisine. The “Kalbi Hotteok” wasn’t looking so attractive with its presentation; however you will be surprised with its chewy and sweet glutinous bun, juicy teriyaki beef fillings and the ranch sauce with Korean chili which leveled up the taste of this reinterpreted traditional sweet Hotteok. Besides, "Samgyetang", ginseng chicken soup, whole chicken stuffed with rice in a stone pot which is always popular in most of the Korean restaurants, Chef Lim has crafted this dish with a modern and exquisite presentation. The chicken thigh is filled with rice, red beans and lentils, rolled up like roulade, slow cooked sous vide in chicken broth and finally served in a small steel wok. Last but not least to share is the “Beef & Poached Egg” - tender shredded beef stewed for 6 hours is placed in the middle with runny poached egg on top and white radish at the bottom. Everything goes so well together if there’s a bowl of steamed rice to come along with that would just be perfect.


Address: 23/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Tel: +852 2789 1949