130th Anniversary of the Tiffany® Setting Exhibition

Tiffany & Co. presents "Some Style is Legendary," a short film capturing the making of the fall 2016 campaign -Legendary Style-directed by Oscar®-nominated, and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler. Cutler, director of The September Issue, casts an eye upon the rarely seen side of Vogue's legendary creative director-at-large, Grace Coddington. 

Credit by: “Tiffany & Co.”

Tiffany & Co. will be conveying their elegant style, technical prowess and intricate craftsmanship through a variety of their pieces, most prominently their Tiffany® Setting Engagement Ring, at the “130th Anniversary of the Tiffany® Setting” Exhibition. This milestone exhibition will be held at LANDMARK ATRIUM, Central, Hong Kong, from October 10th – 16th, 2016.

The exhibition will focus on four major elements; ‘Legacy’, ‘Craftsmanship’, ‘Glamour’ and ‘Love’. These elements act as the themes of different sections of the exhibition, creating a linear journey for its visitors, offering them exclusive content while being taken through a thought-provoking and visually engaging experience.

‘Legacy’ will refer to the history of the Tiffany® Setting, from its initial conception, through to its established significance as an industry-changing engagement ring. Featuring a digital interactive timeline of The Tiffany® Setting’s 130 years of history, it will take audiences through a vivid narration of the manifestation of Charles Lewis Tiffany’s first conception of the brand to what Tiffany & Co. represents today.

The main attraction at the exhibition will be an unprecedented 8.27 carat the New Limited Anniversary Edition pavé the Tiffany® Setting Diamond Engagement Ring at approximate $10 million Hong Kong Dollars, which will be housed in a gigantic Tiffany Blue Box. Inside the beautiful encapsulation, visitors will be invited to experience the incomparable beauty of the engagement ring, as they immerse themselves in a visually captivating display of Tiffany & Co.’s historic creation. 

The creation of the Tiffany® Setting requires unquestionable dedication, along with undivided attention to detail and skill. ‘Craftsmanship’ will honor the hours of time and effort required in the creation of the iconic ring. On display will be a craftsman table with tools required in the ring making process, along with diagram and video displays of the design process. Also featured in this section will be Tiffany & Co.’s hand-engraving demonstration. In-house hand-engravers are skilled in their craft, and will be able to engrave personalised love notes onto Tiffany jewellery, making the piece unique and irreplaceable.

Tiffany & Co. celebrates the 130th anniversary of the Tiffany® Setting-an icon of love and timeless style. This great legacy lives in the hearts of generations of couples; and it lives too in the hands of Tiffany's artisans. Gemologists, setters, jewelers, polishers-they are the masters of the craft that launched this legendary ring and are the keepers of its heritage.  Credit by: “Tiffany & Co.”

‘Glamour’ will be a noteworthy portion of the exhibition, as it will be where a special cut of the movie for Tiffany & Co.’s documentary ‘Crazy About Tiffany’s’ is played. This is Tiffany & Co.’s fully authorized documentary that documents the New York-based jeweler’s milestones from the past to present, vibrantly communicating the significant events that occurred during the life of a legendary figure in the jewelry industry.

The Tiffany® Setting has been a quintessential feature in the jeweller’s range of collections and has consistently been heralded as the embodiment of marriage and love. Undoubtedly, ‘Love’ will be one of the highlighted elements of the exhibition. Within the ‘Love’ segment of the exhibition, photo and video displays of the brand’s bridal campaign will be displayed. Also featured will be an interactive love letter writing station, where a calligrapher will be able to add a touch of passion and romance to your love letter by personalising it to your significant other on an envelope in the instantly recognisable color of Tiffany Blue. The public can even send out their love letter at the dedicated Tiffany mail box at Tiffany Landmark store.

For 130 years, the Tiffany® Setting Engagement Ring has been recognised as an icon, through its innovative design and its timeless beauty. The “130th Anniversary of the Tiffany® Setting” Exhibition celebrates what has become one of the most coveted engagement rings in the world. Honoring this piece, the “130th Anniversary of the Tiffany® Setting” Exhibition will be a celebration for the ages.

130th Anniversary of the Tiffany® Setting Exhibition Event Details

Date:       October 10th – 16th, 2016

Time:     11:00AM – 8:00PM

Venue:    LANDMARK ATRIUM, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong