Roll roll roll your Rolling Mortar!

The more the wheel roles, the more flavorful life is. The more flavorful life is, the closer you are to home. Just a few rolls from the wooden wheel pestle, keeps homemade flavors on your mind. Designed by JIA design team - Spencer Hung, inspired by chinese ancient ceramic tea mortars, "The Prep, Rolling Mortar" is designed to crush mixed spices, tea leaves, chinese herb medicines...

Cooking at home is more than a trend. It’s a great way to round up your family serving a home-cooked meal. No fancy recipe necessary, no standard procedures required and you can simply cook a fresh healthy meal the way you like it. Play around in the kitchen and embrace the process of making a heartfelt meal for your loved ones. Cook more often at home, you and your family will have the best time together, enjoying the precious moments that will linger a lifetime and is priceless. 

During the cooking process, the colour coordination and the aroma or the sense of the palate is extremely important. Imagine the movement such as slicing, mincing, grating, peeling, grinding, crushing and pounding. Each movement will rip through the atmosphere, resonating a unique sound ray and rhythm like a percussion ensemble. Each posture and gesture will draw a beautiful arc in the cooking space like an impromptu performance that just comes together naturally.

JIA Inc. The Rolling Mortar innovates the method of crushing, making easier to grind or mix spices. The U-shaped mortar is paired with the wooden roller, idea for rolling back and forth in the mortar. It's effortless to turn whole spice into fine grain and elevating cooking to a brand new experiences. 

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