Chico-Chica - To beat the heat this summer!

Spanish restaurant never misses the paella on the menu, neither does Chico Chica. 

By popular demand of weekend brunch, Chico Chica is pleased to introduce the unique brunch formula (starting from HK$158). First of all, pick a drink of fresh juice, soft drink, coffee or tea. Then make choices to 2-3 tapas from the menu. Last but not least, top up the brunch with free flow of red or white wine or Cava at HK$108. 

Dishes Highlight

To beat the heat this summer, the Ponzu Oyster will be the best choice for oyster lover. The oysters are freshly delivered weekly from France. The refreshing taste comes from the mixed ponzu dressing of fresh lemon and blood orange syrup, Dashi, Yuzu juice and you never want to miss it.

One of the signature tapas - Hansburger is the all-time popular for the diners at Chico Chico. The burger is put on a Chinese steam basket. The burger is replaced by Chinese steamed bun while filled with juicy wagyu beef, cheese and Japanese pickled ginger. This unprecedented mini burger is one of the stars of the restaurant.

Spanish restaurant never misses the paella on the menu, neither does Chico Chica. The Spanish bomba rice is absorbing all the goodness from the house-made seafood stock of crabs, shrimps shells and Red Snappers. This al dente rice on a piping hot Chinese clay pot truly represents Chico Chica’s identity as a fusion tapas place. 

"It is always a sensible act to spend a lazy afternoon with weekend brunch,” said Partner & Restaurant Manager of Chico Chica, “we are excited about the menu changes and updates, and we know customers will be too."

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