Le Refuge created by Marc Ange

During Milan Design Week, Designer Marc Ange presented his design collaboration with Wallpaper magazine at the first piece of his own collection: Le Refuge. This outdoor daybed, sheltered by enormous colored palm leaves, is inspired by his childhood dreams and by his new life in California. 

Marc-Ange was born in the Holy City of Rome, under the terror of the Red Brigades, in a rootless family with a surreal story, torn between art, religion, and madness. His childhood marks his universe and his creations, eternally balanced between the real and the unreal, both perfection and mistake, harmony and chance.

It is in Paris, the city where he grew up, that Marc Ange develops his work as a Designer. His designs include objects for high-end luxury brands, furniture pieces, cars, and interiors. His recent work includes the new Classique and Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier, the concept Peugeot Avenue already open on the Champs Elysées in Paris and on QianMen street in Pékin and Chimère, a collection of unique furniture for pets. 

Marc-Ange is currently developing concepts for hotels, restaurants, boutiques and private residences from both his studio in Paris and Los Angeles. He continues to create furniture pieces and bottles of perfume for high-end brands, and he is finalizing the second piece that will accompany Le Refuge within his collection.

Information about this piece:

Le Refuge, Flamingo Pink - Outdoor / Indoor Daybed-Sofa

  • Limite Edition of 3, made in Italy
  • Light Pink Powder Coated Metal Leaves & Stalk
  • Teck Wood Base and Pots
  • Outdoor Light Pink Fabric
  • Stainless Steel Structure
  • Water Proof / Sun Proof / Wind Proof