Dynamic Scandinavian design

Experimenting with colors and textures, Mijo Studio is a forward-thinking Scandinavian design duo specializing in prints, patterns, and textiles. Their innovative work is based on analog techniques and characterized by their curious and playful approach to the creative process. 
Consider textile design to be a broad and diverse field and from their Copenhagen based studio, they design creative solutions for experimental projects and exhibitions as well as commercial collaborations within various design fields.

The design duo is founded by Miranda Tengs Brun (Norway) and Josefine Gilbert (Denmark). Educated textile designers from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Design (Copenhagen, Denmark) their shared passion for patterns, prints and textiles brought them together to create bold patterns often characterized by dynamic brush strokes and graphic expressions.


Aio started as a playful experiment exploring the relationship between patterns and shape. The design and pattern both inspired by movement and printed with reactive dyes by hand. Textile designers Miranda Tengs Brun and Josefine Gilbert (Mijo Studio) experimented with various hand-printed techniques and invented a new printing method when they created the pattern for AIO. This process and expressions became the main inspiration for the rounded and dynamic shapes that made of specially designed foam and handmade wood construction. 

With its sculptural shapes and dynamic hand-printed pattern AIO encourages the user to interact and play. By turning and flipping the three elements, the user can create different compositions according to mood and the surrounding context. The stable foam ensures a comfortable seat while the bold and colorful pattern emphasizes AIOs playful approach and interactive function.

For more information, please visitwww.mijostudio.com