Summer Splash! Have fun with the Lipstick collection of outdoor furniture!

Fun and good-humored in character the Lipstick collection is one of the most laid back and vibrant of Diabla’s designs. For its creation, José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales was inspired by an everyday object and at the same time a fetishistic one: the lipstick. A set of furniture that includes an armchair and coffee table with a Pop feel, perfect for providing an outdoor space with an informal, daring and colourful character as well as being very stylish in its own right.


The typical oval form of the ubiquitous cosmetic is specifically evident in the back rest of the armchair, suggesting its source inspiration but at the same time not going overboard. This makes for a marked presence with a unique sensibility: that grabs the attention but is also restrained and elegant. The ideal furnishings for an informal eating space or for serving pre or post dinner drinks, offering multiple options for different compositions: four armchairs arranged in a circle around the central coffee table, two armchairs grouped side by side with the table in between or just a single armchair on its own to highlight a relaxation area using the coffee tables as a foot rest like a chaise-longue.

The two furniture elements that makeup Lipstick can quickly adapt to all types of terrain given that they made from 100% recyclable polyethylene, a material that is exceptionally resistant to and recommended for inclement weather. And given that the collection does not explicitly have a summery look it can quickly be dressed with cushions or a throw to create an outdoor ambiance at other times of the years when the weather is less warm, in fact, all year round.

Designed originally for GANDIABLASCO the Lipstick collection now forms part of the Diabla catalogue with new versions available in an unusual and varied colour palette that ranges from neutral tones to more daring ones, such as red and pink.

Designed originally for GANDIABLASCO the Lipstick collection now forms part of the Diabla catalogue with new versions available in an unusual and varied colour palette that ranges from neutral tones to more daring ones, such as red and pink.


DIABLA  DIABLA is a new brand of outdoor furniture, accessories, and complimentary items. The designs are typically casual, original and creative, with new formulas for enjoying outdoor living in all kinds of settings and at any time of year. DIABLA is a brand with an inspiring attitude that offers creative ideas for stylish settings. The bold, colourful designs not only contribute something new, but they are also the expression of modern lifestyles. 

DIABLA is the third GANDIABLASCO brand, a new business adventure backed by this prestigious firm with close to eight decades of experience in the domestic and international contemporary design sector. The collections are developed with the support of resources and expertise accumulated by GANDIABLASCO regarding the design, production and development culture that prevails in the business. The company entrusted the leadership of this new project to architect and designer Sara Romero, founding partner of the Romero Vallejo studio. 

Diabla has its own online shop www.diablaoutdoor.com where its products can be purchased as well as the usual sales points of GANDIABLASCO.

For more details: www.diablaoutdoor.com

Dynamic Scandinavian design

Experimenting with colors and textures, Mijo Studio is a forward-thinking Scandinavian design duo specializing in prints, patterns, and textiles. Their innovative work is based on analog techniques and characterized by their curious and playful approach to the creative process. 
Consider textile design to be a broad and diverse field and from their Copenhagen based studio, they design creative solutions for experimental projects and exhibitions as well as commercial collaborations within various design fields.

The design duo is founded by Miranda Tengs Brun (Norway) and Josefine Gilbert (Denmark). Educated textile designers from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Design (Copenhagen, Denmark) their shared passion for patterns, prints and textiles brought them together to create bold patterns often characterized by dynamic brush strokes and graphic expressions.


Aio started as a playful experiment exploring the relationship between patterns and shape. The design and pattern both inspired by movement and printed with reactive dyes by hand. Textile designers Miranda Tengs Brun and Josefine Gilbert (Mijo Studio) experimented with various hand-printed techniques and invented a new printing method when they created the pattern for AIO. This process and expressions became the main inspiration for the rounded and dynamic shapes that made of specially designed foam and handmade wood construction. 

With its sculptural shapes and dynamic hand-printed pattern AIO encourages the user to interact and play. By turning and flipping the three elements, the user can create different compositions according to mood and the surrounding context. The stable foam ensures a comfortable seat while the bold and colorful pattern emphasizes AIOs playful approach and interactive function.

For more information, please visitwww.mijostudio.com


Top tips on how to choose the bed linen that’s right for you

Top three tips to choose the best linen

How do you choose bed linen? The world of thread counts is confusing for most, and Sleep Naked Director Robin Beaumont has three top tips to help you choose the bed linen that is right for you this New Year and Valentine's day!

Tip #1: Unravel the mystery of thread count

There is often a lot of confusion around what thread count actually means. In the simplest terms, thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. The number is based on the threads woven horizontally and vertically. For example, a sheet made with 400 thread count will have 400 threads per square inch.

Tip #2: The highest thread count isn’t always the best

When it comes to thread count the highest isn’t always the best, as with super high thread counts the fabric can become very dense and less durable. Depending on your preference, look for a happy medium when it comes to thread count. We recommend sheets with a minimum of 200 thread count which will give you the nice crisp feel of a cotton button down shirt with great durability. If you prefer a heavier sheet that is softer and silkier yet still breathable and durable, go for a 300 to 400 thread count for the perfect balance.

Tip #3: Natural materials breathe better

Sheets made from natural materials are the most breathable and great for promoting ventilation and airflow in the bedroom, which will help regulate your body temperature during warmer nights. Cotton sheets are comfortable and durable, and help wick moisture away from your body as you’re sleeping. Silk is also a great choice but is generally more expensive than cotton, and while linen sheets breathe well, they tend to wrinkle much more easily. Avoid polyester in sheets, as it is oil based and will not allow your body to breathe well throughout the night. Printed bed linen can also reduce breath-ability.

Introducing a modern take on Sleep Naked's best-selling Classic White bed set, the Black Corded bed set features a three-row black sateen cording design. The elegant contrast of the cording on the crisp white cotton sheets creates a sharp, contemporary look that will add style to any interior. Price: HK$2145 for King size. Sleep Naked products can be found in five-star hotels around the world. This includes the classic Dorchester and Claridges hotels in London, the Atlantis in Dubai and the W Hotel in the Maldives. With Sleep Naked you can enjoy real five-star hotel luxury in the comfort of your own home, with the convenience of free home delivery.

HK$1755 for King size.

HK$1755 for King size.

Sleep Naked has created the sumptuous Cool Grey and Latte luxury bed sets to bring a subtle touch of colour to your bedroom decor. Add sleek character to your space with one of these velvety soft designs. Price:

Always a favourite, Sleep Naked's Classic White bed set is a timeless design that will live through the seasons. The crisp, white sheets are a sophisticated choice and act as a perfect backdrop to build upon with colourful cushions or throws. Price: HK$1755 for King size.

All above bed sets are 400 thread count and available in Single, Double, King and Super King.

Free delivery to central areas of Hong Kong in 3-5 business days.

Enquires: www.sleepnaked.hk