RIBA International Prize 2018 - The world’s best new building Brazilian school

Children Village, a new school complex on the edge of the rainforest in northern Brazil designed by Brazilian architects, Aleph Zero and Rosenbaum, has won the RIBA International Prize 2018. 

The RIBA International Prize is awarded every two years to a building that exemplifies design excellence and architectural ambition, and delivers meaningful social impact. It is one of the world’s most rigorously judged architecture awards, with every longlisted building visited by a group of international experts.  Children Village was chosen from a shortlist of four exceptional new buildings by a grand jury chaired by renowned architect Elizabeth Diller (DS+R).

The architects, Gustavo Utrabo and Petro Duschenes from Aleph Zero, designed Children Village in collaboration with Marcelo Rosenbaum and Adriana Benguela from architecture and design studio, Rosenbaum. 

The tropical climate, with summertime temperature in the mid-40 degrees, was one of the major challenges cleverly addressed by the architects. The large canopy roof, the structure of which is made up of cross-laminated timber beams and columns, provides shading. The overhanging canopy design has created an intermediary space, between inside and out, giving the effect of a large veranda overlooking the surrounding landscape and creating a comfortable environment with no need for air conditioning. 

Combining a contemporary aesthetic with traditional techniques, Children Village has been described by the judges as ‘reinventing Brazilian vernacular’. The building is constructed with local resources and based on local techniques. Earth blocks handmade on site were used to construct the walls and latticework, chosen for their thermal, technical and aesthetic properties. As well as being cost effective and environmentally sustainable, this approach creates a building with strong connections to its surroundings and with the community that it serves.

Children Village

Children Village provides boarding accommodation for 540 children aged 13 to 18 attending the Canuanã School. Pupils come from remote areas of the country, some travelling many hours by boat. Funded by the Bradesco Foundation, Children Village is one of forty schools run by the foundation providing education for children in rural communities across Brazil.

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The Macallan Presents the Masters of Photography - Magnum Edition 

Documenting the New Macallan Distillery

Magnum Edition marks the seventh release in The Macallan’s award-winning Masters of Photography series.  Previous Masters of this remarkable series included iconic photographers Rankin, Albert Watson, Annie Leibovitz, Elliott Erwitt, Mario Testino, and Steven Klein. On 27 August 2018, The Macallan Masters of Photography, Magnum Edition was officially launched in Hong Kong. 

The Macallan Creative Director Ken Grier kicked off with a video documenting the photo-journey of the Magnum Photographers during the construction of New Macallan Distillery. Ken then led the press on an exclusive tour of the event space and drew attention to each photographer’s individual style and works.  

The Magnum Edition is a collaboration between The Macallan and the world’s most famous photographic union, Magnum Photos, and celebrates the opening of the new Macallan distillery and visitor experience in Speyside Scotland.

The creation of the new distillery will forever change the landscape of The Macallan Estate and this special release documents this historical moment, telling The Macallan story in a new and compelling way, as some of the world’s leading photographers record the next stage in the journey of the world’s ultimate single malt whiskey.  

This awe-inspiring collection of images, taken by six world renowned Magnum photographers - Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, Paolo Pellegrin, Mark Power, Gueorgui Pinkhassov and Alec Soth - captures different aspects of the iconic distillery.  From the landscape and the materials from which the distillery is born to the character of the workers and protagonists who have brought it to fruition, artistic portraiture of people and casks complement more abstract representations of the building and its unique structure.  

This magnificent and world-class collectible set of images comes together as a limited edition objet d’art, presented in a stunning archive style gift box.  It comprises a specially limited release whiskey; a selection of six signed prints, one from each photographer, and an exclusive book of photography.  The box that holds the collection was influenced by the classic photographic portfolio boxes on display at the Magnum studio.

By immersing herself in the photography, The Macallan Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess has created a single malt crafted from a combination of eight casks, all differing in character to reflect the photography style of each of the Magnum photographers and to represent Magnum itself.

A spicy gingered cask reflects McCurry’s bold and brave style; a cask of age where oak influence prevails over individual characteristics symbolizes Parr’s oblique view of the world; a classic cask with an intense black cherry note complements Pellegrin’s forceful black and white pictures; two casks reflect Power’s photography which captures the familiar, but from an often obscure point of view; an ex-European red wine cask imparting a rich mahogany red color represents Pinkhassov’s contrasting and brightly colored work and a first fill American barrel with its delicate citrus notes captures Soth’s heritage and spirit of adventure.  The final cask is an intensely sweet yet classic Macallan with edge and depth, bringing the whole creation together and representing the imagination and brilliance of Magnum.

Ken Grier, Creative Director for The Macallan, said: “Magnum are the ultimate masters of their medium, offering incredible diversity and distinction within their ranks and capturing all aspects of human life around the world with an unparalleled sense of vision, imagination, and genius.  They are the greatest collective of documentary photographers in the world and their partnership with The Macallan reflects our shared values of craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.  

“For the first time in The Macallan Masters of Photography series, we are working in partnership with multiple photographers to tell the story of the new Macallan distillery and the people behind it, taking it from Genesis to completion.  This coveted edition shows history in the making against the backdrop of The Macallan’s ongoing commitment to mastery.”

Tim Paton, Global Head of Commercial Assignments for Magnum Photos, said: “This project has been a wonderful assignment for both the photographers and the Agency.  To be given this amount of creative freedom on a commercial project is very rare.  The photographers were literally shown the building site and told to shoot whatever they liked.  

“Both I and the six Magnum Photographers have loved visiting The Macallan and witnessing this amazing building grow out of the ground.  We first visited the site when it was just a hole in the ground so we all feel very connected to this wonderful piece of architecture.  All the staff and contractors have been great to work with and very welcoming.  This beautiful part of Scotland will forever be a big part of Magnum Photos history.”

The Macallan Masters of Photography: Magnum Edition is available globally from August 2018, priced at HKD$ 26,460 and limited to 2,000 editions worldwide.


ABV : 43.7%.  

Colour : Deep amber with rose gold hues

Nose : Light hints of peat layered into warm spiced ginger with mellow oak notes.  

Gently coming behind these notes, are an almost tangerine citrus and                         

caramelised apple

Palate : Candied dried fruits and a butterscotch sweetness with a tickling of spice that 

moves into a honeyed nut note

Finish : Medium to long finish ending in sweet earthy peat notes

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2018 Beirut Design Fair scenography will be designed by GM Architects

PR Beirut Design Fair 2018-3.jpg

An emergence of Beirut’s cultural and creative energy

Beirut Design Fair is being held for the second time in its history, as an important hub for multi-cultural design and innovation in the region. Bringing together emerging and established designers with industry leaders and the public, highlighting the creative power of the Lebanese capital.

In order to further shed light upon this emergence of a cultural and creative boom happening in Beirut, GM Architects has decided to pay tribute to the city, its past and its future. Recalling a pre-civil war, 1960 Golden Age, and declaring a new renaissance for the Lebanese capital as a global hotspot for rising talent and culture.

GM Architects is pleased to announce a collaboration with Beirut Design Fair, in the design of its interior exhibition space. An impressive 4,000m2 space, that will welcome thousands of visitors and where creatives and designers from the region and around the globe will exhibit their own creations and designs.

GM Architects is inspired by the “organized chaos” that so clearly defines the organic urban growth of Beirut, mixing its changing colors, proportions, and styles; the architects’ goals was to create the interiors of Beirut Design Fair such as they reflect this influx of creativity and fertile ground for innovation in design.

Galal Mahmoud explains his inspiration and main theme for the exhibition space as “the layered evolution of Beirut’s urban fabric as it continuously evolves from order to disorder and vice versa...Space will be organized like a city, where one tends to get lost in its play of narrow and wide streets all while having punctual high landmarks that gives a sense of direction.”

Such effect will be will be materialized, the architect explains, through the use of shifting walls, that serve to give a direction to the visitor and guide them through the exhibition- all while being used as partition walls for the various stands. The colors that were chosen are a direct reference to Beirut’s golden age, a reminder of past times marked by bright optimism for the future “as we try to get back on that right track that we were once on half a century ago” Galal Mahmoud explains.

Also based in Beirut, GM Architects, makes part of this very fabric of the city’s design and creative emergence and promising influential future in the region and internationally.

About Beirut, design hub of the Levant

BEIRUT DESIGN FAIR is principally dedicated to collectible and limited edition contemporary or vintage furniture and design objects. The fair presents pieces by leading international designers and galleries from across the world (Europe, USA, Middle East), with about 60 exhibitors from over 10 countries. The event includes a non-commercial program consisting of conferences and round-tables, workshops, installations and live performances.

BEIRUT DESIGN FAIR offers an exceptional, innovative program that confirms Beirut’s role as one of today’s most vibrant centers of contemporary creation while positioning Lebanon in its rightful place:  as the Design Platform of the Middle East!

BDF 2018 - Poster.jpg

For more information, please visit: https://beirut-design-fair.com/