KUKAN Design Award is the only and the most significant spatial design award in Japan.

The role of design is changing issue imposed by an increasingly complex society and is expected to create various spatial values with entirely new approaches. Kukan Design Award aims to build the foundation for the whole design industry and inspire social circulation and valuable activities along with discoveries and creation. The purpose of Kukan Design Award is to express the power of spatial design introducing excellent design with high values from Japan to the world periodically.

Organizer: Japan Design Space Association

Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association

Sponsor: The Nikkei


Creating new values of spatial design and creating a creative society will lead to the enhancement of people's lives in culture and community.


By finding outstanding designs and excellent designers and introducing them to the world, we will expand new potentialities of spatial design.



  • We widely seek works that aim to create communication design in space from home and abroad.

  • We are looking for outstanding works from various professionals involved in spatial design such as designers, producers, creators, art directors, planners, architects, engineers, educators, researchers and others.

  • It is limited to works that are completed between May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2019, or projects are currently functioning.


Group A

1.Exhibition, Promotional space

Exposition, Convention, Trade show, Event, Promotion campaign and others

2.Show window & visual design space

Show window, In-store display, Advertisement, Point of purchase advertisement, Signage, Graphic display and others

3.Entertainment & Creative/ Art space

Communication space with movie or lighting design, Interactive art, Installation, Monument, Object, Botanical display, Parade, Attraction, Stage direction and others

Group B

4. Shop space

Retail store, Apparel store, Specialty store, Show room, Deli/ Food store and others

5. Food space

Restaurant, Café, Bar, Japanese restaurant, Food court and others

6. Large retail shopping mall or Multiple retail space

Shopping center, Department store, Mall, Outlet store, Stores in station, Entertainment complex, Cinema complex and others

7. Service/ Hospitality space

Hotel, Inn, Resort environment, Wedding space, Ceremony hall, Spa/ Beauty salon, fitness club and others

Group C

8. Museum/ Cultural space

Museum, Science museum, Art museum, Archive center, Culture hall, Cultural exchange space, Theater, Concert hall and others

9. Public welfare/ Communication space

Sport training facility, Hospital, Clinic, School, Preschool, welfare facility, Factory, Storage, Religious facility, Station building, Airport facility, Library, Hall, Town hall and others

10. Office Space

Office, Workspace, Studio, Lobby, Entrance, Meeting room and others

11. Living Space

House, Housing complex, Public space of housing complex, Model room, Shared house, Service apartment



Works selected from the gold prize at the final jury (1 to 3 works)

Gold Prize

11 works (Gold prize selected from each category)

Silver Prize

11 works (Silver prize selected from each category)

Bronze Prize

11 works (Bronze prize selected from each category)

BEST 100 (Shortlist)

Works nominated for the third jury

Selected works (Longlist)

Works nominated for the second jury



Work reflecting trends and bringing innovation to our society through spatial design Work with new expression going ahead of times


Work with full of ideas and imaginations

Social Influence

Work considering social or local significance with balance environmentally such as universal design, considered sustainable design with social influence


Work apprehending country, regional history or culture Work expressing tangibleness and intangibleness effectively with cultural messages


Work with rich and aesthetic design with new approach of expression


Work with completely new innovative design idea


First Jury

The committee will make a longlist based on the submitted works. The results will be announced to all of applicants by email. It will be announced on the website as well. (To be announced in late June)

Second Jury

The committee will select BEST 100 “Shortlist” based on the submitted works and make a shortlist of 10 works of each 11 category.

The results will be announced to the selected nominees of longlist by email and will be available to the public through the website as well. (To be announced in mid-July)

The nominee will prepare and submit presentation boards (2 panels in A2 size) for the upcoming third jury.

Third Jury

It will be an open jury. 3 works will be selected for gold, silver, and bronze prizes for the 11 categories. The results will be announced to all BEST 100 “Shortlist” by email and will be available to the public through the website. (To be announced in late August)

Final Jury

Winners (1-3) selected from the 11 gold prizes will be awarded as KUKAN OF THE YEAR. 
It will be announced at the award ceremony scheduled in early November.
The announcement method is to be released later.

※Announcement method is announced at a later date

Open Jury Details
Date: Saturday, August 3rd, 2019
Time: To be announced later
Admission: Free
Place: To be announced later
Live streaming: The URL is to be announced later


PLEASE VISIT: https://compe.japandesign.ne.jp/kda/index_en.html

Contact - Inquiries about entry: email: kukan@japandesign.ne.jp

OR visit Kukan Design Award office (Inside JDN office)  
※Office hours Weekday 10:00 - 17:00(JST)